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Our genome engineering work is focused in three distinct areas:

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Therapeutic Gene Engineering

Gene Engineering Services

Genome Engineering Services (RUO)

  • Harrows Masters Choice 3 Electronic Softip Dart GameFastest turnaround in the industry
  • Your most complex genome engineering problems solved
  • Hundreds of knockout and knockin projects completed
  • Unrivaled customer service
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  • First ever to engineer the mitochondria genome
  • Cluson clulite Focus2Go HL21 rechargeable LED headlight PLUS FREE DH FACE VEILMouse models of mitochondrial disease
  • Proprietary technology
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We have been utilizing B‑MoGen for the last two years to take on our most challenging gene engineering projects. 2017 Easton BB17ZH 32 29 Z-CORE Hybrid BBCOR Baseball Bat -3 New In WrapperThey provide the most up-to-date engineering tools, strategies, and techniques to ensure the quickest turn-around of the final cells. The B‑MoGen team really has some of the brightest and most tenacious scientists that treat our project as if it was their own research. Senior Scientist, Fortune 25 Pharmaceutical Company, West Coast

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B-MoGen Minneapolis Genome Engineering Lab
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  • Advancing engineering of the human genomeSELLE ITALIA C2 PRO ITALIAN LEATHER SADDLE MANGANESE RAILS
  • Accelerating the development of new life saving therapies
  • Ensuring mitochondrial disease treatment becomes a reality

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